How do I know if I have a penalty?

Check our home page and use the Penalty Discovery Tool. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Why would I need a preemptive audit?

A preemptive audit can ensure a clean back link profile, and defend against any future action from Google. Other good times to perform a preemptive audit are website change of ownerships or when you start to see your competitors getting hit.

How many audits have you performed? What is your success rate?

We have performed over 200 audits to date, and have a 100% penalty revocation rate.

What are done to “bad links”?

If you are under a manual penalty, the most egregious back links are included in an email outreach campaign for link removal . Any bad links that can not be removed are added to the disavow file.

Will I lose any good links?

We first review your links, using our proprietary metrics, then perform a manual review of any questionable links. We also seek your input, before any link is removed.

How intensive is the self audit service?

With the self audit service, a spreadsheet with collected data on each back link is provided to you for review. There will always be a number of links that need manual review, because data always isn’t enough, especially for organic or manipulative links. If you follow the step by step guidelines that we provide, you will be able to successfully get a penalty revoked.

What if my reconsideration request is denied?

The goal is to get the penalty revoked ASAP and the first time. That is often the case, but not always. In the case that your reconsideration request is denied, the process starts again adding in additional link sources as well as any newly discovered links added to webmaster tools.

What happens after my site is out of penalty?

After your site is out of penalty, an immediate boost in rankings is unlikely. Keep in mind that many of the  links that once positively impacted your rankings have been removed or devalued. The next step is to develop a digital marketing campaign that is Google compliant, but not Google reliant.

Service Timelines

A Full Blown Audit, including email outreach, disavow file and reconsideration request can be performed in 30 days, on average. If you try to rush this, Google won’t take you seriously, which will ultimately ADD WEEKS to the recovery process.