Google Penalty Recovery Method

My Penalty has been revoked – Where are my Rankings?

Once your penalty has been revoked, it is unlikely that you will see an immediate restoration of past rankings. The same links that drew a penalty were also powering many of your previous rankings. Now that you have a clean backlink profile, it’s time to focus on driving traffic in ways that conform to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

How To Get Back On Track – Google Penalty Recovery Method

From here on out, any efforts to improve your site’s traffic and rankings must be 100% white hat. In your reconsideration request, you promised to adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Breaking that promise could easily lead to another penalty. A second Google penalty is nearly impossible to recover from.

Perfect Your Source Code

Having a clean source code is on of the most crucial things to do to ensure your other efforts are being maximized. On-Page SEO site audit’s hold a large amount of opportunities for quick improvements.

Crafting Great Content

Minimizing Panda risk can go a long way – especially if your site is in need of content management. You want to eliminate any duplicate or low-quality content, and steadily release quality, needed content that will naturally interest and educate your audience.

Take Advantage of Authorship

Using your Google+ authorship account for your content is and will continue to be very important to the Google. With more and more people using this feature, don’t be left behind.

Build Great Links

Once you see the links that it takes to have your penalty penalized, you will be more knowledgeable as to what is an organic link, and what links could be considered spammy or manipulative by Google. Releasing high value content strategically can attract  high value links.