Link Audit Services: Backlink Analysis & Cleanup

If your site is under penalty then the decision to perform a link audit is easy. No matter how many good, organic links you have or acquire, you  won’t get maximum traction until Google lifts the penalty. Preemptive backlink audits, performed annually or semi-annually, are becoming popular with responsible webmasters, looking to maintain their visibility in Google. Other beneficial times to perform a preemptive backlink analysis include a change of website ownership, a change in SEO company, or just a periodic check for insurance.

Sometimes there can be hundreds if not thousands of pages linking to a site that a webmaster may be totally unaware of. This can be a result of spammy SEO services, automated link distribution software, or even negative SEO done by competitors, necessitating a backlink cleanup. Without a formal review of  the links that Google sees pointing at your site, you cannot know the condition of your backlink profile.

Google provides webmasters with a link sample in Webmaster tools. Manually checking every link is time consuming and demanding.  Based on our past audits, we have developed a tool that gathers key data on each back link and will parse the data into manageable groups. There’s always a certain level of manual review required. The key to efficiently maintaining a clean back link profile is being able to properly identify bad or undesirable links and take care of any potential problems.