Link Removal Service – Link Removal Request

When your site is under manual penalty, a Google representative will review the steps taken to come into compliance with the Webmaster Guidelines. One key activity that they look for is  the amount of effort put into your bad link removal requests. Google wants to see at least as much effort used in removing bad links as there was in attaining them. Knowing this, we place a high level of emphasis on email outreach and link removal.  We track every email, then provide Google  a full report of our success and document all work performed on a Google drive.

When it comes to algorithmic penalties or preemptive audits, preparation and submission of a disavow file is sufficient. There is no need to embark on a link removal request email campaign.

Link Removal Service

Using our custom link removal tool, we can send thousands of emails per day personalized to each webmaster. Our mailer tool tracks openings, follow ups, and removals which we provide to Google in a clean report. We also create a Google account to not only allow them to check the email campaign, but also to view uploaded documents in the drive such as the link audit and disavow file.