Reconsideration Request Service

This step is for victims of manual penalties only. The reconsideration request is a memo written to the Google representative who will handle your site’s penalty revocation. This is where the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth comes out. There needs to be explanation of what you did wrong in the past, what you have learned, and what you won’t do again.

Besides the necessary apologies and future white hat promises, a reconsideration request needs to have the steps that you took for link removals. Clear actions and numbers give the representative handling your case a clear picture and eliminates any doubt.

Reconsideration Request Service: The Process

We personalize each reconsideration request and  make sure to include key information in a format that Google is satisfied with. Then, on a Google drive we upload all of the necessary documents such as the audit, the email campaign statistics, the disavow file and the reconsideration request. After performing  hundreds of audits, we have developed  a clear and efficient communication process for interacting with Google.